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Honeybee Packages - Three-Band Italian

All packages include mated queens

FIRST 2021 PICKUP DATE: TBA, usually in the first half of April
SECOND 2021 PICKUP DATE: TBA, usually in the second half of April
THIRD 2021 PICKUP DATE: TBA, usually in the first half of May
3-LB PACKAGE PRICE: $139.50 plus tax with a plain queen, $145.50 plus tax with a marked queen
4-LB PACKAGE PRICE: $157.50 plus tax with a plain queen, $163.50 plus tax with a marked queen
ORDER DEADLINE: None, but contact Stonewall Apiary ASAP, since we ALWAYS sell out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pickup dates are tentative and are subject to change with little or even no notice due to weather conditions, mechanical problems, etc.

Stonewall Apiary sells package bees from Wilbanks Apiaries in Claxton, Georgia. The packages are 3-lbs. of Three-Band Italian honeybees with a mated queen, although other sizes are available. The advantage of package bees is that they are available earlier in the season and are less expensive that nucs.

Wilbanks Apiaries

Instead of having them shipped to us, we pick up the packages in Georgia. This allows us to transport them back to Connecticut in the shortest amount of time. We monitor the packages during the trip, ensuring that temperatures remain safe, neither too cold nor too hot. By doing so, we arrive home with healthy honeybees that have undergone minimal stress. If they are picked up by our customers and installed in their hives soon after we arrive home, the honeybees will generally have been in the packages for less than 24 hours.

Packages ready for loading

This rapid delivery to Connecticut results in more robust packages with little loss due to the trip. A stronger package gives the colony a better start, resulting in a healthier colony during the season that produces more honey and is better able to survive the winter.

Loading packages

If you are interested in reserving package bees, please contact Stonewall Apiary ASAP. We have a limited supply and our reservations fill up fast!

DEPOSIT/REFUND POLICY: 50% deposits are required for all package orders. Deposit refunds will be issued in the event of non-delivery by Stonewall Apiary, and with written notice more than 14 days prior to the original package pickup date. Deposits are nonrefundable 14 days or less before the original package pickup date.

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